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Rear Bumpersteps

2 Styles from which to choose

2007-2019 Sprinter  Rear BumperStep
Hitch Ready style

2007-2019  Black BumperStep kit

fits with (or without) aftermarket hitch for

2007-2017 Sprinters!

Problem Solved!  Do you need a rear BumperStep but also need a trailer hitch?  Now you can have both. We now offer a bumperstep that can be used with an aftermarket hitch (which you can purchase from us or another dealer). It's a clean, well designed approach that allows you to use either a Draw-tite # 75601 or a Curt # 13358 hitch.  

There are some conditions, however:

1. This cannot be used with a factory Sprinter hitch.

2. It will not fit the  144" sprinter with dual rear wheels.  

3. It will not fit with an existing step bumper

Hitch Ready Bumperstep
07-2019  399.00

Now available... our new black BumperStep for the 2007-2019 Sprinter. This sleek, black step can be used with an aftermarket trailer hitch or without a hitch, and it matches our running boards perfectly.

Black Bumperstep
07-2019  429.00

Note: Trailer hitch sold separately.

Installation is quick and easy, because all of the included brackets and hardware fit the existing frame holes. There's even a helpful video below that shows how easy it is to install, even in your driveway.

slide in hitch step

Here’s the removable hitch step that slides right into your hitch and tightens down rock-solid. The simple kit contains everything you need for a rattle free installation. Available in stainless steel, which means no rust.

Hitch step kit: $ 99.00

For Sprinters with factory trailer hitches...

07+ hitch-ready bumerstep installs with aftermarket trailer hitch 07 and up Sprinter black bumperstep is a sleek alternative to original equipment Our black bumperstep matches our black running boards... nice The composite slide-in hitch step uses an anti-rattle bolt and nut hardware kit

NEW: Weathertech slide-in hitch step in composite construction. Nothing to rust because there’s no metal except for the no-rattle nut & bolt kit. All black finish, measures 23.5” wide.

Black hitch step kit: 109.00

Black composite slide-in hitch step

58” WIDE x 9.75” DEEP

57” WIDE x 5” DEEP

23.5” WIDE

22.5” WIDE