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Floormats If your Sprinter is a cargo van….

Cargo model Sprinters have a different floor shape than both the Passenger model,or the Crew model.  Cargo model Sprinter owners can choose from 2 different styles of floor mat: The floor liner or the rubber floor mat.

weathertech floor liner for Sprinter cargo van driver side Weathertech floor liner Sprinter cargovan, passenger side

The floor mat shown in the photos above is available for cargo model Sprinters only. It's a one-piece tray-like mat that has raised sides to keep the muck, melted snow and spills contained. Just take it out of the box, let it flatten out, then fit it like a latex glove. Fits 2007-2019 Sprinter cargo model.
Floor liner, in grey or black 148.00

Sprinter rubber floor mat Sprinter rubber front floor mat

The mat shown above comes in a two-piece rubber construction in a dark grey color.  The only gripe we had with this mat is that it doesn't cover the bump on the floor next to the driver's left foot area. Other than that, it fits great. Fits 2007-2018
Rubber floor mat in charcoal grey:  109.00

If your Sprinter is a Passenger van (or Crew van)… Sprinter passenger van front floor mat

We have a front rubber mat for the Passenger Sprinter (also the Crew model) as shown above.  It’s a 2-piece mat that meets in the middle to fit like a one piece mat. The reason the Passenger and Crew sprinters take a different mat than the cargo model is the presence of the floor mounted heater vent as shown in the above right photo. Fits 2007-2018
Rubber floor mat in charcoal grey:  109.00

Cargo Sprinter floor shape Passenger Sprinter floor shape