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For Info: Cargo Carrier rack with Catwalk Ladder, rear door mounted, on Sprinter

Ladder Racks

Here's a couple of views of the Cargo Carrier roof rack. It comes in 12 ft & 14 ft lengths for the 144" and 170" Sprinters. We offer them to fit the low top or high top. Our racks have 3 support posts on each side for optimum weight distribution, and the rear of the rack extends slightly off the back of the Sprinter's roof so your ladders will never make contact with the vehicle's body.

12 ft cargo carrier:  $565               
14 ft cargo carrier:  $595
Optional  catwalk: $295
Rear door ladder:   high roof :$299   low roof $279

Sprinter roof rails

Got Roof Rails? In order to install ANY rack on you Sprinter, you'll need a roof-rail kit . We carry factory original Mercedes Benz roof rail kits because they are far superior to any aftermarket rails available, and they're reasonably priced. Plus, we give you a helpful installation tool, free

Roof rail set for:
144 Sprinter $375.00      170  Sprinter $478.00
170 extended Sprinter $509.00

cargo carrier ladder rack on 06 Sprinter For the 2002-2006 Sprinter

Cargo carrier rack for 2002-2006 Sprinter high roof. The specially designed 6-leg kit mounts to the rain gutter with no drilling.

12 ft rack for 02-06  695.00

14 ft rack for 02-06  729.00

Rear door ladder:  
high roof only $299

How do I install this thing